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Awesome Fishbrain features, available to Fish Rules users.

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Rick and Albrey took some time to make some videos showing off the great features of Fishbrain, available to all Fish Rules users, check them out below:

Regulations in Fishbrain!

We're proud to have regulations available also in Fishbrain! In this video we show off how to view regulations inside the Fishbrain map.

Check out the regulations in Fishbrain

All the regulations available in Fish Rules are available in supported areas, inside Fishbrain. Simply go to the map in Fishbrain and tap “Regulations'' to see the regulations for the area you’re viewing.

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Fishing Logbook

In this video we go over some of the cool features of the Fishbrain logbook, such as historical insights.

Ultimate Fishing Forecast

A forecast that helps you target species at the best time possible.

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The Fishing Community

One of the awesome parts of Fishbrain is the community, where you can chat with other anglers, and share your fishing adventures.

15m+ anglers

Connect with the world's largest fishing community.

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Catch Positions (pro!)

Public catch locations can really help when planning a fishing trip. In this video we try out Fishbrain Pro's "Catch Position" feature.

Exact catch positions

Discover exactly what fish have been caught where, based on over 13 million publically logged catches.

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A great feature for Fishbrain Pro users is the ability to view NAVIONICS maps. In this video we show off how to view NAVIONICS maps inside the Fishbrain map.


Keep the guesswork out of your trips by revealing the bottom features of every water you want to fish.

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Snook & Regulations

Albrey caught this snook while filming these videos. In this video we'll show how to use Fishbrain to check snook regulations.

Best baits & lures

Know exactly which baits land the most fish, so you can up your fishing game.

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