Catfish, White



Ameiurus catus


Very good


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  • Additional Notes
    No minimum size. No bag limit. Bait, including freshwater shrimp, golden shiners of any size, or other freshwater nongame fish, including catfish, less than 8-inches total length may be taken for bait by the following methods, unless specifically prohibited: ■ Cast nets having a stretched mesh size not greater than 1 inch in fresh waters of the state, unless specifically prohibited. ■ Minnow dip nets not more than 4 feet in diameter. ■ Minnow seines having a stretched mesh size not greater than 1 inch, a length not more than 20 feet, and a depth not more than 4 feet. ■ Minnow traps not more than 24 inches in length and 12 inches in diameter, with a funnel entrance not more than 1 inch in spread. ■ Any game fish taken by these methods must be released immediately. ■ Taking of bait for the purpose of sale requires a commercial fishing license.

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