Grunt, Tomtate



Haemulon aurolineatum




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  • Gear Circle Hooks & Dehooking

  • Additional Notes
    No minimum size limit. No bag limit.
    Must be landed with head and fins intact.
    If you are bringing fish back to the U.S. from the Bahamas by water, please see Bringing fish back from the Bahamas.

    Commercial regulations for South Atlantic Federal Waters:
    Size Limit: None
    Trip Limit: None
    All species must be landed with head and fins intact.
    Commercial fishermen are required to use dehooking tools when fishing for snapper grouper species. The use of non-stainless steel circle hooks (offset or non-offset) is required for all species in the snapper grouper complex when using hook-and-line gear with natural baits in waters North of 28 degrees N. latitude.
    After the commercial quota is met, all purchase and sale is prohibited and harvest and/or possession is limited to the recreational bag limit. This prohibition does not apply to fish harvested, landed, and sold prior to the quota being reached and held in cold storage by a dealer. Quotas are given in gutted weights.
    Commercial snapper grouper vessels must have onboard NMFS approved sea turtle release gear and follow smalltooth sawfish release protocol. See the Handling and Release Protocol from NOAA Fisheries or call 727-824-5312.
    Annual Catch Limit (ACL) – This species is managed under an ACL. See current information on Commercial ACLs (quotas) from NOAA Fisheries.

    For more information, see: SAFMC Tomtate Commercial Regulations

  • Additional Notes
    No minimum size limit. Bag limit = 100 pounds.

  • Additional Notes
    No established size limit or bag limit. General limit of 100 pounds applies.

  • Gear Circle Hooks & Dehooking

  • Additional Notes
    No established bag limit or size limit.

  • Bag Limit 20

  • Aggregate Information Name: Reef Fish Limit: 20

  • Additional Notes
    No minimum or maximum size limit. No closed season.

  • Gear Dehooking Required

  • Vessel Limit 20

  • Gear Hook and Line Only

  • Aggregate Information Name: Demersal Limit: 20

  • Additional Notes
    Sportfishing Vessel limit for demersal fish is 20 fish or 60 pounds of fish.

  • Additional Notes
    Hunting, trapping, netting, capture, or removal of any fish, turtle, crawfish, conch, whelk, or any marine and/or fisheries resource is prohibited. You are within a National Park managed by the Bahamas National Trust. Please contact 242-393-11317 for more information.

For a list of official country and state regulations, visit here