Turtle, Green



Chelonia mydas




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  • Additional Notes
    Call your local stranding network immediately to report hooked, entangled, or stranded sea turtles. Call 877-WHALE-HELP to report hooked, entangled, or stranded sea turtles from Texas to North Carolina. Call 866-755-6622 to report hooked, entangled, or stranded sea turtles from Virginia to Maine.

    IF YOU HOOK A SEA TURTLE: While you wait for a response team:
    1. Keep hands away from the turtle's mouth and flippers.
    2. Use a net or lift the turtle by the shell to bring it on the pier or land. Do NOT lift by the hook or by pulling on the line. If the turtle is too large to net/lift, try to walk it to shore. When you have control of the sea turtle, use blunt scissors/knife to cut the line, leaving at least two feet of line to aid the responders in dehooking.
    3. Leave the hook in place as removing it could cause more harm.
    4. Keep the turtle out of direct sunlight, and cover the shell with a damp towel. If the turtle is too large to net or lift, make sure the turtle can lift its head above water to breath air.
    If you cannot reach a response team and are unable to bring the turtle to shore, cut the line as short as possible before releasing the turtle. For more information, visit Kemp's Ridley Turtle.

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