Shrimp (Penaeid)



Brown Shrimp,Pink Shrimp,White Shrimp




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  • Additional Notes
    Recreational Regulations for South Atlantic Waters:
    As of April 11, 2006, an owner or operator of a trawler that harvests or possesses brown, pink, or white shrimp (penaeid shrimp) in or from the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) off the southern Atlantic states must obtain a commercial vessel permit for South Atlantic penaeid shrimp. For information on the regulations and how to obtain a permit, see the Southeast Fishery Bulletin Small Entity Compliance Guide.
    New Bycatch Reduction Devices Certified for the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Shrimp Fisheries, effective May 11, 2012 Fishery Bulletin 12-027 NOAA Certifies Additional Designs and Materials for Fishermen Currently Required to Use Turtle Excluder Devices (May 21, 2012) Fishery Bulletin 12-037

    Commercial Regulations for South Atlantic Waters:

    The Shrimp Fishery Management Plan allows North and South Carolina, Georgia and east Florida to request a closure in federal waters adjacent to closed state waters for brown, pink or white shrimp following severe cold weather that results in an 80% or greater reduction in the population of white shrimp (whiting, royal red and rock shrimp fisheries are exempt from a federal closure for white shrimp). During a federal closure, a buffer zone is established extending seaward from shore to 25 nautical miles, inside of which no trawling is allowed with a net having less than 4"stretch mesh. Vessels trawling inside this buffer zone cannot have a shrimp net aboard (i.e., a net with less than 4" stretch mesh) in the closed portion of the federal zone. Transit of the closed federal zone with less than 4" stretch mesh aboard while in possession of a Penaeus (white, brown and pink) species will be allowed provided that the nets are in an unfishable condition, which is defined as stowed below deck. The Council has established a control date of December 10, 2003, for the penaeid shrimp fishery in the South Atlantic EEZ. The Council is concerned about the potential for excess harvesting capacity in the fishery. A control date means that, in the future, the Council may consider management measures that limit the participation or effort in the fishery and may use this control date as part of a management strategy.

  • Additional Notes
    No closed season in Florida Gulf State Waters.
    Bag Limit: 5 gallons, heads on, per harvester per day or per vessel per day, which ever is less.

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  • Additional Notes
    April and May shrimp season is CLOSED in Nassau, Duval, St Johns, Putnam, Flagler, and Clay counties.
    Bag Limit: 5 gallons, heads on, per harvester per day or per vessel per day, which ever is less.

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