Shark, Smooth Dogfish



Mustelus canis




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  • Gear HMS Shark

  • License Required
    Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Angling Permit with shark endorsement

  • Additional Notes
    No retention limit.

    No minimum size.

    Smooth dogfish are 1 of only 3 ridgeback sharks that may be retained. Ridgeback sharks are sharks that have an interdorsal ridge, or visible line of raised skin, between their dorsal fins.

    Recreational shark anglers aboard federally permitted vessels are required to use non-offset, non stainless steel circle hooks in federal waters (3 – 200 miles offshore) when fishing with baited hooks.

    All sharks must be landed intact with the head, tail, and all fins naturally attached. The shark may be gutted and bled at sea (e.g., by making an incision at the base of the tail).

    Sharks harvested but not retained must be released in a manner that will ensure maximum probability of survival. Do NOT remove the fish from the water.

    Sharks can be difficult to ID. Remember: If you don't know, let it go. For help with shark identification, download the Recreational Atlantic HMS Shark ID Placard ( or the Prohibited Shark ID Placard (

    All highly migratory species require an HMS Angling Permit from NOAA Fisheries. Permits are available by calling 1-888-872-8862, or by visiting No sale permitted for HMS species caught under an HMS Angling Permit.
    For complete HMS regulations contact NOAA Fisheries HMS Management Division at 1-301-427-8503 or visit

  • Additional Notes
    No bag limit. No minimum size.

  • Bag Limit 1

  • Vessel Limit 2

  • Aggregate Information Name: Sharks Limit: 1

  • Additional Notes
    Hook and line gear only. No minimum size limit.
    1 shark per harvester or 2 sharks per vessel, whichever is less.
    Must be Landed in Whole Condition – A person harvesting a shark shall land each shark in whole condition. A person may NOT possess in or on Florida Waters, on any public or private fishing pier, or on a bridge or catwalk attached to a bridge from which fishing is allowed, a shark that has been beheaded, sliced, divided, filleted, ground, skinned, finned, or had the caudal fin (tail) removed. This provision will not be construed to prohibit the evisceration (gutting) of a shark or slicing the base of the caudal fin to bleed the carcass as long as the caudal fin remains attached.
    Please consider releasing all shark species.

  • Bag Limit 1

  • Measurements Min Size: 54 in Fork Length

  • Gear Shark Circle Hook

  • Aggregate Information Name: Other Sharks Limit: 1

  • Additional Notes
    No minimum size limit. No bag limit.

  • Additional Notes
    No minimum length. No daily creel limit. No closed season.

  • Additional Notes
    Spiny dogfish and smoothhound sharks (smooth dogfish) are exempt from harvest and size restrictions.
    See most recent NCDENR Proclamation.

  • Additional Notes
    No closed season. No possession limit. No size limit.

  • Additional Notes
    No size limit. No possession limit. No closed season.

  • Gear Hook and Line Only

  • Additional Notes
    No person shall fish for, or land, any shark or shark parts. It is against the law to buy or sell any shark, shark parts or shark products. It is illegal to export or import sharks, shark parts or shark products. If you hook a shark while fishing, you must promptly release it into the sea unharmed.

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